Going Backstage with CutPutli

As we do at The Little Art with most of our projects, we began with un-learning. We forgot for a while what we know about puppetry and arts education and started to think why Puppets work for children and how kids can be inspired to become puppeteers and artists. How can puppetry facilitate stories children want to tell, and stir their imagination in that process? Workshops, yes, but how many can we conduct with how many children? We need to develop tools that can make children independent learners. 
Once we refined our thoughts that we want to build a step-by-step book for kids to learn puppetry, our team went on making the most original work possible. We wanted to explore all types of puppets, but most importantly the ones that can be made with very simple and basic materials. We set up a studio in our office to create puppets, and started working. 
Every single piece of work that we are presenting is original. The puppets were designed and made by our team, each step was photographed for the book to go with instructions, the process was also documented in video, and the team put together very colourful imagery to be part of the learning experience. 
CutPutli is the brain child of Shoaib Iqbal, TLA Founder and Director who rolled the idea to produce something that can set the tone of defining puppetry for kids in Pakistan where they are engaged as puppeteers. Shoaib conceptualised and wrote CutPutli, and worked as the lead creative producer on every step of the development. The puppets you are seeing in the image will be presented soon to the world. 
Once the book was written, translated into Urdu and all the images were recorded, it was ready to go for design. We spent considerable amount of time on design, going through its revisions to improve the layout, colour choice and visuals. We wanted to present the work to kids in a way so they can be excited and engaged. It was finalised, printed and packed finally with the materials that we added in the box, and ready to reach out to kids. 


Conceptualised and Written by
Shoaib Iqbal

Puppeteers Instructor
Karan Frank

Irfan Zahid
Karan Frank

Head of Photography & Video
Fazal Ahmad

Production Manager
Zeeshan Naveed

Assistant Editor
Saad K. Kazi

Creative Director
Affan Alam (Duck)

Art Director
Muhammad Mudassar (Duck)

Assistant Photography
Muhammad Aatif

Imran Sajid

Ehsan Ali (Tryangle Production)

Muhammad Jamshed

Non-Liner Editing
Irfan Fayyaz

Moaz Ahmad
Ahmad Danial

Zubair Mushtaq
Umair Mushtaq

Process Documentation
Tayyabah Jamil

Rana Amjad


Posted on April 8, 2015 in Blog

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  1. Name (required)Adnan Hussain
    April 16, 2015 at 2:55 pm ·

    What a fun project. Puppetry is a beautiful art form and lots of fun for all ages. There are many traditional puppeteers in Pakistan in and around Multan. I created a free directory to help people find traditional puppeteers in Pakistan. http://www.madguru.com/artists/puppetry

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